300 Hour YTT with Meghan Currie – Fundación Aladina

Our personal Sadhana and teaching practice have the power to connect us to our authentic core. Here we ignite our self-trust and reclaim our innate wisdom. By diving deep into the intelligence of our body-mind and integrating fragmented pieces, there is an opportunity to alchemize fear into possibility and open curiously to the adventure of our life.

When we accept the unknown and embrace the mystery, we can allow life to unfold moment by moment. From this place of trust and connection, our own Intrinsic Genius begins to emerge and we step into the flood stream of creativity, spontaneity, and flow.

In this three-part advanced teacher training, we will combine a deep exploration of personal practice with advanced skill-building sessions to propel your development as a professional yoga instructor and student. Your growth will be supported by studies in inspired cueing, advanced anatomy, Vedantic philosophy, neuroscience, meditation, sequencing, theming, self-study, and breathwork. By combining rich inner work with technical craft, you will be empowered to skillfully conduct the many layers of the class experience with confidence, integrity, and authenticity.

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