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The V Tweed Ride Madrid shows support for children and teenagers with cancer

The Tweed Ride is a cyclist movement whose members try to recall the classic image of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Galp facilitates its users to exchange Fast points for donations to Aladina

Every 500 points turn into three euros to finance support programs for children with cancer.

Five Aladina friends will fight at the Spartan Race Madrid in order to raise 10,000 euros

Carmen, Leticia, Alfonso, Ignacio y Rafael will have to face physical races as tough as rope climbing, walls, fire, spears, gladiators and scroll wheel or weights, plus travelling a certain distance in mountainous terrain.

Álvaro Navarro hopes to raise 6,000 euros for Aladina on his motorcycle challenge

The idea is to travel 6,000 kilometres of the Spanish coastline on a motorcycle in 20 days and to raise 6,000 euros.

24,000 euros from Fundación Inocente, Inocente for the Hospital de Cruces

The check was given to the director of the Fundación Aladina, Ishtar Espejo, by the president of the Fundación Inocente, Inocente, José Velasco.

Aladina receives 3,000 euros from the Red Solidaria Bankia

The amount is intended to develop the “Program of comprehensive support for children and teenagers with cancer and their families: psychological and emotional material”.
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