New Pediatric Oncology, hematology and Transplant Out-patient facility – Fundación Aladina

Help us make this new facility a reality!

This Project is part of the hospital’s improvement program that Fundacion Aladina had been implementing since 2008. The goal is to make safer and more positive spaces where children and adolescents with cancer can feel more comfortable in the hospital and are better suited for their individual needs.


The new out-patient includes:

– An area of 800 m2

– Two out-patient areas (both equipped with isolations rooms for more susceptible patients)

– One for transplant patients

– One for oncology-hematology patients

– Two waiting rooms

– One for transplant spaces

– One, separated into two areas, for both oncology-hematology patients and the other for infectious patients.


Regardless that the Madrid Regional Government had announced a project to completely refurbish Hospital de la Paz over a period of 10 to 15 years, Hospital de la Paz is in immediate demand for a new children’s oncology out-patient facility. This new facility will benefit 120,000 children over the next 15 years, we know how important it is for a child’s recovery to be in a suitable hospital environment.

At Aladina, our priority is to ensure the wellbeing of patients and their families through initiaves and programs such as this one.

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