Physical exercise
for cancer patients

Children with cancer go from having a normal active childhood to being stuck in a hospital bed with little or no physical activity.

Here's the thing: exercise is an absolute game-changer for pediatric cancer patients. Not only does it enhance their physical well-being, but it also uplifts their spirits and works wonders in mitigating the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It's not just a theory – it's a proven reality.

Through movement, we not only fuel their bodies but also infuse their lives with vitality and positivity. Because when you're a young warrior battling cancer, every step, every stretch, and every stride becomes a powerful statement of resilience and strength.


Enter the Aladina Physical Activity Team, the force behind supervised, tailored exercise sessions for children bravely facing cancer.

At present, this groundbreaking initiative thrives across three hospitals in Madrid: Hospital Niño Jesús, Hospital Gregorio Marañón and Hospital 12 de Octubre as well as through online sessions.

For those not hospitalized or residing a distance away, we've extended our reach through personalized and fun online sessions, ensuring that every young warrior can partake in this empowering journey.

But that's not all. Since 2017 we 2017, we've proudly introduced “Aladina's Sports Scholarships” ffor both children and their caregivers. This unique endeavor unfolds within the welcoming walls of TANDEM, an exceptional gym nestled in Madrid. Here, our dedicated team oversees the magic.

Imagine parents partaking in yoga, Pilates, or relaxation classes, while their children revel in vibrant training sessions alongside their pals. It's more than exercise; it's a shared experience of joy and rejuvenation. With every move, every breath, we infuse the journey with strength, unity, and hope.