Palliative care
for children with cancer

Palliative care plays a crucial role in supporting children and their families during the terminal phase of cancer. At Fundacion Aladina, we recognize the importance of enabling children to spend this stage at home, free from pain, and with the best possible quality of life.

Our commitment to children and adolescents in need of palliative care is unwavering. As evidence of this commitment, we have established and funded the first pediatric palliative care hospitalization unit in Spain in collaboration with Niño Jesús Hospital. This groundbreaking facility was inaugurated in October 2021 and is dedicated to caring for 300 children annually. It features five individual rooms with companion beds and amenities, a day hospital with two beds for respite admissions, as well as a terrace and garden for patients and their families to enjoy.


Providing Support through a Dedicated Service

Since 2014, we have also been funding a driver service to facilitate the travel of the medical team from this unit to patients' homes. This service not only helps transport medical equipment but also offers additional support as needed, ensuring that the medical team can effectively reach and provide care to the children in their own homes.