summer camps

From 2006 onward, Fundación Aladina has forged a close partnership with the Serious Fun Children’s Network—an inspiring collective of camps for children facing serious illnesses, founded by the legendary Paul Newman.

Fuelled by the generosity of our donations, over 200 Spanish children and teenagers grappling with cancer embark on an enchanting journey each year—a week that transcends the ordinary, nestled within the extraordinary summer camps: Barretstown in Ireland and Dynamo Camp in Italy.

Thanks to Aladina's unwavering dedication, these 200 young souls revel in the magic of an exceptional summer camp experience, free of any financial burden. Both Barretstown and Dynamo Camp come alive with wonder, providing not only exhilarating activities but also top-tier medical care, all enveloped within a nurturing cocoon of safety and support.

For these young adventurers, it's a week of soaring spirits, forging friendships, and etching cherished memories—truly the essence of joy in the midst of their courageous battles.