from home

Together from Home was born in March 2020, when we realized our team and volunteers would no longer be able to go to the hospitals.

The children and families needed us more than ever so Aladina’s team adapted as many of our programs as possible to the digital world.

Our goal has always been to ensure our kids and their families receive all the support they need and continue to feel protected, cared for, and loved by our entire team, all of whom are going above and beyond to achieve this.

Although Covid has increased the level of isolation and created many more difficulties for patients and families, we are always there for them finding ways to bring light and joy to their lives!


An online project that helps us reach every kid

This is how “Together from Home”came about, a combination of many of our regular activities, with new ones designed to address the current needs of kids with cancer.

Thanks to it, our children, their parents and their siblings have daily contact with our team and can join many of our programs and therapies, such as: music, arts & crafts, yoga and relaxation, mindfulness, photography, pet therapies (with dogs and horses) etc and of course special outings!

Our Physical Activity and Health doctors also offer online training sessions, keeping them everyone fit and in good spirits.

Because happy kids heal faster and until we can physically return to hospitals, we must ensure that no seriously ill child or their family ever loses their smile or their determination to fight.