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Alejandra Aguilera Lucena

  • Age: 3
  • Diagnostic: Brain Tumor

This month we want to introduce you to a little girl just three-years-old, Alejandra, who is in every respect a hero. Just like her mother–who wrote us these beautiful words.

“Our life changed completely three years ago on September 26, 2018. My daughter was playing with her brother, when suddenly she couldn’t stand up and began to shake. In that moment, I knew that the worst was coming. That night it felt like the world had stopped. Time stood still, and my heart broke.

We were admitted to the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada where we found out that Alejandra had an embryonic brain tumor through an MRI. It is one of the rarest types of tumors that exists, with only around 100 cases throughout the world. It couldn’t be true, this couldn’t be happening to us.

After an excellent operation, they told us that they couldn’t finish the treatment in Granada–we’d have to go to Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid. Another blow to the chest. You should go with your daughter alone to Madrid and leave the rest of your family in Granada. Especially your four-year-old son–how do you even begin to explain what is happening to him? Pack the suitcases and go. You go with more fear than you started with. You go alone, with complete uncertainty about what is going to happen. But you go with your daughter, who is the most important thing there is and for her you draw strength from who knows where–laughter instead of tears, songs instead of sorrows. Everything for her… You arrive in Madrid and find a family there who helps you, hugs you, consoles you, spoils you.

I found myself with strong, courageous mothers who were there fighting with their children, and they taught me how to confront the disease. I found myself with Aladina, Carlos, Valeria, and countless volunteers. They took me in like family. Above all, they made sure that my daughter laughed, played, and had fun times. That was the best part for me.

Alejandra is a little girl who taught us what it means to be strong, courageous, what it is to fight and never lose your will to live. And we’re going to live, my love, live together for so many years. Because you are very strong, my little one. So strong. Together we will reach the end of this road–victorious. Together we will win this battle.

Don’t let go of my hand, my girl, because without you I’d be lost.

Thank you, Aladina.

Thank you to all the mothers at Santa Luisa.”

We’ll be with you by your side the whole way that you have left to go. Our strength and hearts are with these two and their whole family.

We love you.


Alejandra Aguilera Lucena
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