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Hegoa Rodríguez

  • Age: 6
  • Diagnostic: Ewing’s Sarcoma

We want to introduce you to Hegoa, a little superheroine who’s being treated at the Hospital de Cruces. With the help of her mom, Hegoa talked about how she’s faced her illness.

“Hello! My name is Hegoa. I’m 6 years old, my favorite color is pink and I’m a very brave girl.

When I was 5 years old, I got really sick overnight. Suddenly, I was surrounded by doctors who spoke a bit weird and took me from one place to another to do tests on me. Some didn’t hurt but others did, especially the ones with needles. I didn’t understand anything and I was really scared.

Bit by bit, my parents and Leire (Aladina’s psychooncologist at the Hospital de Cruces) explained what was happening to me. They’ve been with me the whole time helping me to be strong and not be afraid.

There have been really hard times but I’ve always gotten through them. Everyone says I’m a fighter! On top of that, two of my friends who always come with me to the hospital help. They’re called Osito (Little Bear) and Conejito (Little Rabbit).

Even though it’s really hard, I’m going to keep fighting like I have and to keep being an example of how to get through things for lots of kids.

Sometimes I dream that we’re a family of superheros. Maybe it’s true!”

We know that it’s true. You’re a great family of real superheroes and we’re proud to have met you.

Hegoa Rodríguez
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