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Telma Cavalle Blanco

  • Age: 6
  • Diagnostic: Neuroblastoma

We would like you to meet our 6-year-old little hero. Telma, with the help of her mom, told us better than anyone what it feels like to fight against cancer. She is an absolute champion!

“My name is Telma and I am 6 years old and I am the best gift that the “3 Kings” have ever given my parents, because I was born on January 5th, 2010.

I love Christmas, and I get a lot of gifts, and I am the spotlight of my house and of my story.

It started at the Hospital Niño Jesús on January 8 because I didn’t feel well, and after they took an x-ray, I was diagnosed with a tumor which is called neuroblastoma.

They put a catheter in my chest so they wouldn’t have to give me shots, and then I began chemotherapy.

One week into the first cycle, my hair started to fall out. I also had a fever, vomit, didn’t feel like eating, experienced mood changes, my defenses came down, I felt isolated, and they gave me platelets and blood, or as they say here “fillets of chicken and beef.” But all of it was so that I would be cured quickly.

Although I have had to be in the hospital so that I can get cured, here there are a ton of marvelous people who spend time with the kids, making sure that our stay is more tolerable: we have a theater, make so many crafts, have clowns, and I have a great time!

And my mom has said that when I get better, I am going to be a pediatrician and I will work here at Hospital Niño Jesús to cure all of the kids who have cancer like me. “

Superhero Telma is already at home, just having undergone an operation, and from all of us here at Aladina, we are sending all of our love and support to this strong fighter. We love you little one!

Telma Cavalle Blanco
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