Support for grants
and research

Grant program

Aladina firmly believes in the talent of young medical professionals who seek to further their training and experience in the field of pediatric oncology-hematology. For a number of years we have funded several grants to allow certain professionals to continue working in pediatric units while expanding and enhancing their training.

Current participants in this program are:



Gabi, a very special patient with whom we’ve shared unforgettable moments, gives her name to our latest research support project.

Project Gabi, sponsored by Fundación Cris Contra el Cáncer and led by the renowned Dr. Antonio Pérez Martínez, head of pediatric hematology-oncology at the Hospital Universitario de La Paz, focuses on immunotherapy, a technique that uses the patient’s own immune system to combat tumors.

Our commitment to research is absolute and every year we allocate a considerable amount of funding to it.