206 Aladinos from all over Spain are enjoying a well deserved summer vacation with Serious Fun

206 Aladinos from all over Spain are enjoying a well deserved summer vacation with Serious Fun

We are introducing our new program for families! Guillermo, a 7-year-old champion who has beaten his brain tumor, will go with his whole family in August


Many Spanish children will be spending their time camping this summer, including our little warriors. 206 Aladinos will enjoy a magical week this summer at Barretstown (Ireland) and Dynamo (Italy), two of the camps in the network founded by Paul Newman, The Serious Fun Children’s Network. The trip, 100% free for all of the children, is an unforgettable experience.

This year, we are also introducing a new program for families. Six Spanish families: parents, siblings, and the child who faces cancer, will spend a week in Ireland. This is one of the camping options offered at Barretstown that Aladina has decided to finance for the first time.

Montse and Miguel Ángel will visit Ireland next month in August with their two boys, Mario (10 years) and Guillermo (7 years). Guillermo is so lively. Looking at him, it seems incredible that just a year ago he was facing a very complicated brain tumor. The good news is that after a seven-hour surgery and two cycles of chemo and radiotherapy, Guillermo is at the top of his game and is ready to enjoy his week at camp to the max. “It will be better than amazing,” he assured us.

This trip is a rest for all of us after a difficult battle,” said Montse, one of the strong moms from Aladina who never lost her smile. “I know that we have gone through the hardest times, and finally, all of us can take a break from it all together.”

We are so excited that they can enjoy this experience with us!

All of the profits from ticket sales of Paco Arango’s second movie, The Healer (Lo Que De Verdad Importa, in Spanish), which was in theaters in Spain last year, went to this summer camp program. With the funds collected, Aladina guarantees that 1,000 children who have cancer from all over Spain will be able to enjoy this experience during the next 5 years, up until 2023. This year, we also have support from Metlife Foundation, who opened up another 3 spots for other Spanish children to go on our program.


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