Aladina funds the “Pediatric Early Warning System” in the Hospital La Paz (Madrid)

Aladina funds the “Pediatric Early Warning System” in the Hospital La Paz (Madrid)

The purpose of PEWS, Pediatric Early Warning Systems, is to detect the clinical decline of children with cancer as early as possible. This will allow to decrease the frequency and length of time they spend as ICU inpatients and improve survival rates.


We continue with our deep commitment into research to ensure that children with cancer can have the best quality of live and survival rates. That is why we funded—with a cost of €180,000—this pioneering program in Spain at Madrid’s hospital of La Paz: the Pediatric Early Warning System, or PEWS.

PEWS arrives directly from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in the United States, the worldwide leader in the treatment of children’s cancer.

It is an assessment score designed to detect clinical decline early to act as quickly as possible to prevent children’s conditions from worsening. A systematized evaluation is established for vital signs and clinical condition based on a scoring system.

This program has proven to improve prognoses and survival rates of children with cancer, as well as decreasing the frequency and time they spend as inpatients in ICUs.

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