‘Is your house paid off? Our ICU isn’t either’

‘Is your house paid off? Our ICU isn’t either’

Our dear friend Rosario joins our hug campaign and invites us to visit the new Aladina ICU


Rosario has joined our hug campaign! The singer came to visit us a little while ago to see the project with her own eyes. She came with Valeria, one of our little superheroes, to visit the ICU Aladina, which is working at full swing since we opened it on December 14.

Rosario visited the new children’s ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús and she was amazed! “These Aladina guys are geniuses”, she said. But we still need a lot more hugs to raise money for the ICU and to keep helping our little fighters. If you want to help us, send us an SMS with the word “ACHUCHON” to 28014 or make a donation by clicking HERE.

“You have to pay for everything here, just like a house, bit by bit,” said the singer, who has already sent us a huge hug.



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