Jorge and Luis to complete the hardest mountain-biking trail in the Moroccan desert on behalf of our ‘aladinos’

Jorge and Luis to complete the hardest mountain-biking trail in the Moroccan desert on behalf of our ‘aladinos’

These two cyclists have put themselves to raising 2,000 euros on our behalf in the Titan Desert


Jorge Lozano and Luis Jiménez, cycling aficionados, have started their ambitious feat on behalf of our ‘aladinos’: cross the Garmin Titan Desert–the hardest mountain-biking trail in Morocco!

Our athletes have been preparing their hardest to cross the six stages of this high-level challenge, from April 28 to May 3, spanning 640 km of mountains and sand dunes with a total altitude change of 5,911 meters.

Jorge and Luis named their solidarity event ‘En cada peque hay un titán’ (‘In every little one there is a Titan’), which gives homage to those young ones who are battling cancer. They have started a donation page on Mi grano de arena. They hope to raise 2,000 euros.

To achieve their goal, they have been preparing thoroughly with daily training through: biking, weight training, and spinning exercises. “It’s true that you can’t complete a trail like this overnight, but if you give yourself enough time for proper preparation, anything is possible,” Jorge said.

This will be the second time these two Madrid-natives have crossed the Titan Desert. Last year, they completed the challenge which they remember as an experience like no other. Having overcome it once already, the two decided that it would be better to dedicate their next attempt to another group–our Aladina kids. “I put myself in the shoes of those parents and thought that someone should do something to help them, in the way that we can, that is, financially,” Jorge reflected.

Luis and Jorge hope to fundraise 2,000 euros for Aladina, of which they have already raised 600. The money will fund two sports scholarships for two kids with cancer to enjoy a physical exercise program for one year.

If you want to help them reach their goal, you can make a donation HERE.



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