‘La Nana de Shada’, a magical book written by a very special Aladina

‘La Nana de Shada’, a magical book written by a very special Aladina

The book was written by Alejandra, a charming madrileña who has left us a beautiful legacy to remember her by. All the proceeds will go towards Aladina!


We want to tell you one of those stories that really matters to all of us here at Aladina. Alejandra Sánchez Iriondo’s book was just released. She’s a charming girl from Madrid who we met at the hospital. Alejandra fought leukemia until she was 13 years old. Today, we’re going to remember her with the beautiful book she left us. “La Nana de Shada” is one of the many stories that Alejandra wrote. She had a wonderful sense of imagination and awareness.

One of her family’s friends, Yurihito Otsuki, made sure the book was published with beautiful illustrations that highlight how beautiful it is. The family will donate all the money to the Fundación Aladina, so that kids like Alejandra never lose their smiles.

“Alejandra didn’t have the chance to write the dedication for this book, but we’re sure she would dedicate it to her readers and especially to you, champs, the kids that are fighting leukemia,” wrote Mónica and Julián, Alejandra’s parents, who always find time to help us in lots of different ways. You’re a great example!

A million thanks for this beautiful gift you’ve given us.

If you want to buy the book, click HERE.

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