Launching golf camp thanks to the Seve Ballesteros Foundation

Launching golf camp thanks to the Seve Ballesteros Foundation

We’ve redone five hospital terraces to teach young patients how to enjoy this sport


We’re open! We collaborated with Fundación Seve Ballesteros in creating a super fun golf installation at Hospital Gregorio Marañón. It includes a workshop to learn everything there is to know about the game, with five terraces and a certified instructor every Monday and Tuesday.

The new camp has five areas: a putt-putt, mini-golf area to learn how to swing, a short game zone to learn how to get around obstacles, and a long game zone to learn how to shoot the golf ball as far as possible. A fourth terrace is dedicated to relaxing, where kids and their parents can sit and get some fresh air. The fifth, and largest, terrace is a competition and play area where our little golfers will get to compete.

Miguel Ballesteros, Seve’s son, remembers that his father “created this foundation in 2009 to promote oncology research and the love of golf in those little ones.” “I think what he would have liked to see most are these initiatives, like this one, in hospitals with all these kids. Here, you can tangibly see the impact, how they smile, because they are able to forget for a little bit their time at the hospital,” he adds.

We are so happy to be a part of this amazing collaboration with our friends at Fundación Seve Ballesteros, and hope to continue working with them on future projects!

If you want to see more photos of the project, click HERE.

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