Our hospital chair was auctioned for €61,000 thanks to two very supportive friends

Our hospital chair was auctioned for €61,000 thanks to two very supportive friends

The campaign is still live at where you can continue sending donations


La butaca más resistente’ (the strongest hospital chair), the only one capable of withstanding the pain and suffering that the parents of a child with cancer, has been auctioned for €61,000 at our auction, which was celebrated at the Hotel AC Santo Mauro and supported by Sotheby’s. It was incredible!

The bid that closed the auction was 31,000 euros, coming from an anonymous donor who was present in the room. Prior to the event, our friend Susana Martín, mother of football player Álvaro Morata, donated 30,000 euros. They decided together to maintain each of their donations to Fundación Aladina, which meant the grand total for our armchair came out to be 61,000 euros, thanks to both donors. What a great gift for the kids!

We are happy to have such amazing friends. This 61,000 euro donation added with approximately 40,000 euros, which we have received on the web at and SMS for the campaign total over 100,000 euros donated for our little fighters.

Susana Martín has been a committed supporter of our Fundación for a long time. Her willingness to participate in the action was “a moral obligation and was also a great personal satisfaction.” “It is always an honor to be able to collaborate, whenever possible, with the Aladina family, who do incredible work”, she mentioned at the end of the auction.

It was a symbolic event, as the armchair will stay in our hands at Aladina, a lasting symbol of the fight that all of the parents of children with cancer must go through.

More than 7,000 people all over Spain have contributed to this campaign, which we have accomplished with the help of the publicity agency McCann, by sending a SMS with the word BUTACA to 28014, or donating online, which are both still operational for all who wish to participate.

It doesn’t have an exclusive design, nor is it made of the best materials, and by no means is it the most comfortable, but it is the chair that so many parents who are friends of Aladina have had to sit in at the side of their children.

“The parents of our children have spent so much time in these chairs: sleeping, keeping them company, playing, or just holding their hands. This is more than just a simple chair, this armchair symbolizes so many things that for us, have an infinite value,” assured Paco.

This campaign wouldn´t have been possible without the help from McCann, the publicity agency that has collaborated with us pro bono. Thank you so much!

Attendees at the event included Fiona Ferrer Leoni, Esmeralda Moya, Laura Baena, president of the Club de Malasmadres, and Juan Peña, in addition to Paco Arango and the journalist, Marta Robles, who presented the event. Flavia de Hohenlohe, president of Sotheby’s España, presided over the auction.

To see more photos from the event, click HERE. Photography by Marta Machin.

We would also like to thank all of the businesses who have supported our incredible campaign: Zebra Producciones, Prisa Brand Solutions, Unidad Editorial, RBA, Momentum, Mariott Hoteles, Sotheby’s, Ser Padres, Atresmedia, El Corte Inglés, Grupo Zeta, Mindshare, Craft, JC Decaux, Impact Media, Súper 8 and Gran Pantalla, Grupo Redext, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Consorcio de Transportes, Gran Pantalla Eventos, Pronto, Antevenio, Teads, Smartclip, Sunmedia, ABBA Publicidad, Comco, Adpulse, Oath, in addition to JPMedia and TAPTAP.

If you are a business and are interested in purchasing the hospital chair, call us at +34 915 329 303.

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