The first ‘aladinos’ return from camp

The first ‘aladinos’ return from camp

Last Friday, the first teens from the Barretstown (Ireland) camp started returning


The teens that have been at the Barretstown (Ireland) camp, where they have enjoyed a whole week of  experiences, games, and laughter, have already begun returning.

Last Friday, June 28th, the first kids arrived back in Spain, and we have loved seeing the look on their faces, full of happiness, after a long trip. We hope to be able to keep collaborating for many years more with Serious Fun Children’s Network, now that their work is fundamental for these warriors.

The family members’ very own words prove more than anything how important it is for the children to participate in such a special getaway. This is what the mother of one of our ‘aladinas’ had to say:

Alejandra came back fascinated by absolutely everything: the camp, the facilities, the volunteers, the food, the environment, the fellow campers… She told us as soon as she saw us that she would go again. Thank you for giving her this unforgettable experience, everything she has shared with us is all super positive, she truly has not found a single negative thing. 

There are moments where she laughs to herself and tells us: ¨I’m thinking about Barretstown.¨

Everyday during lunch or dinner she has something new to share with us. 

Thank you so much from Alejandra’s part as well as ours, because even though the first few days without a cellphone were hard, it has been an important challenge for her just as it has been for us as well. 

Congratulations to all the volunteers and to Fundación Aladina.







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