“The Healer” by Paco Arango is #1 on Netflix in the US!

“The Healer” by Paco Arango is #1 on Netflix in the US!

“The Healer” (originally titled “Lo Que De Verdad Importa” in Spanish) raised over €3 million for international organizations that work tirelessly to improve the lives of sick and at-risk children


All of us at Aladina are so happy and thankful to American audiences for choosing our president Paco Arango’s charity movie, “The Healer”, as their favorite movie on Netflix!

The movie has brought us nonstop good news since it was released in 2017 and created a true wave of charity heard round the world. Over 3 million people in movie theaters in 16 different countries went to go see it. It was a huge success for the independent Spanish movie, which donated 100% of the box office earnings to charity!

The movie tells the story of Alec, an English mechanical engineer who can’t seem to get his life in order. When his repair shop is about to go under, a family member he never knew about offers to solve all his problems on the condition that he goes to Nova Scotia, Canada for a year, where his ancestors came from. There, the most amazing things begin to happen.


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