The new Aladina ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús is open!

The new Aladina ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús is open!

Even though the project is already complete, we still haven’t raised all the money we need, which is a total of €1.5 million. We still need a lot more hugs!


We’re in celebration mode! After months of hard work on our big project, it’s finally here. We’ve officially inaugurated the new Aladina ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús.

We’ve invested €1.5 million in creating a new Intensive Care Unit that will help more than 800 seriously ill children each year. It’s going to the ICU that receives the most severe cases in all of Spain.

“Today is a great day for the parents, it’s a great day for Aladina, and, of course, it’s a great day for any sick child who needs these installations,” said our president, Paco Arango.

We want to thank you for all of your incredible support. Don’t forget that we still need a lot more hugs. We need you!

Previously, the ICU didn’t have any natural light, and now it has large windows overlooking the Retiro park. This is a big change, as without natural light the children who were there for long stays had their biorhythms disrupted, which affected how quickly they got better.

The new Aladina ICU also has the latest technology, including robotic arms and computers at the foot of each bed that allow you to see the results of the tests right then and there.

The families that must face difficult visits to the ICU can now enjoy more comfort and intimacy. Thanks to our renovation project, the children’s visitors have a large couch to rest on, whereas before there was just a single chair. We’ve also added a new resting room, updated the bathrooms, and installed a wifi connection.

Thank you for joining us for this incredible project!

If you want to see more photos of the new ICU, click HERE.

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