The summer adventure begins for 219 ‘aladinos’ from all over Spain

The summer adventure begins for 219 ‘aladinos’ from all over Spain

They will travel from all points of Spain to the Barretstown and Dynamo camps


Many Spanish children prepare to enjoy their summer camps after finishing their courses. Our ‘aladinos’ won’t be missing out! 219 children, 6 families, and 26 members in total from all over Spain, including parents, patients, and siblings, prepare to travel to Barretstown (Ireland) and Dynamo (Italy), the two colonies of the network founded by Paul Newman, Serious Fun Children’s Network, which we have collaborated with for years.

The trip, which is 100% free for everyone of them, is an experience like no other.

The flights have already started going out and groups will continue to fly out until the end of August. Just today, our dear Telma begins her adventure in Barretstown. She has the best company with her, Miguel Checa, the volunteer which she spent much time with during her long stay at the hospital.

We’re sure she’s going to have the best time!

The very words of the boys and girls, and teenagers, that have gone to these camps prove all the more the transformation they experience by participating in such a special getaway, since they share living spaces with other boys and girls that have gone through or are going through the same sicknesses. They prove to themselves that they aren’t any different and that they are capable of doing various types of activities: hiking, archery, canoeing…Everything is possible at Serious Fun!

  • ¨I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hike, but in the end, I was able to complete the entire hiking course without any problems, and I have started to believe in myself again. I’ve discovered that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it, and have begun to value what truly matters. There aren’t enough words to describe how infinitely happy you have made me.¨ Asier, 15 years old.
  • ¨We all have something in common and that’s what allows us to understand eachother better. We support eachother unconditionally and we rejoice in eachother’s victories as if it were our own. Dynamo has helped me mature and grow as a person, overcome fears and insecurities, create friendships, learn to love and value myself, and so much more…¨ Sara, 17 years old.
  • ¨It’s very difficult to break down their walls, they try to act as if everything is normal, as if nothing ever happened to them, but then they feel misunderstood by the rest of their classmates, so they create themselves in a whole other world— a world in which us parents try to budge in. For us as parents, the camp has given us in return a brand new child, a lot more receptive, motivated, and truly happy. This experience has been a privilege.¨ Pilar and Javier, parents.

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