Celebrating 15 years of smiles!

Celebrating 15 years of smiles!

In these fifteen years of life, we have fulfilled great dreams that seemed impossible to us. That is why for the near future our greatest ambition is to help more children and families inside and outside of Spain.


We are thrilled to be celebrating our 15th anniversary. Time has flown by in these 15 years filled with hard work, passion and enthusiasm for our cause: improving the lives of children with cancer and their families.

Our achievements in these 15 years have surpassed our wildest dreams but we continue to dream big and work hard. Our goal is to provide support to many more children with cancer and their families, both in Spain and outside our borders.

Every year, Fundación Aladina helps more than 1,500 children and their families in the 16 Spanish hospitals in which we work, providing comprehensive support programs – emotional, psychological and material.

To this date, more than 20,000 children and their families have benefited from Fundación Aladina’s programs and grants and more than 20 organizations worldwide have received donations and support.

We celebrate our birthday with a wonderful spot that captures the spirit of Aladina’s 15 years!

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