We have filled the new Teen’s Unit at Hospital Gregorio Marañón with color and fun

We have filled the new Teen’s Unit at Hospital Gregorio Marañón with color and fun

Aladina has colorfully decorated and furnished the new wing thanks to support from Formica Group, Okuda, and Disney


We are proud to present our new project at the Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid. We have decorated and furnished with new Teen’s Wing at the hospital, in collaboration with Formica Group, Disney, and the artist Okuda, and have also furnished and equipped the Teen Room, the Parent’s room, and the new gym.

Elsa, one of our superheroes, who is 15 years old and fighting osteosarcoma, accompanied us for the opening of the new wing, and spoke with us about our new project. You can see it all in the video above, or in the link that we have attached HERE. Elsa likes that all of the hospital rooms are individual and unique, and also that there are “common spaces”, which include the rooms that Aladina has set up so that “you don’t lose the ability to socialize”. “Sometimes, we talk about our lives, and each of our experiences in the hospital, and it is interesting to be able to share this with one another,” she told us.

We have decorated and equipped the Teen Room in the new wing, a space in which teens can meet and get to know one another, do fun activities, and take a break from the hospital and their treatments. The room is furnished with new, colorful furniture, and is equipped with computers, video games, board games, foosball, darts, and a TV. Aladina has also set up a Parents’ room, put sofa beds in each one of the hospital rooms, put gaming systems in the day hospital, and has decorated and equipped the new gym, with the help of Disney.

The decorative murals in the hallways were created by Okuda, and financed by Formica Group. The murals take up more than 100 square meters in the new wing, and include unique designs, geometric shapes, and brilliant colors. Okuda wanted to fill this space with “the youngest and most positive part” of his creations “to emotionally transform the wing and give it a new energy that improves the wellbeing of all who walk through the halls.”

If you want to see all of the pictures of the project, go to our Magical Pictures tab and see all of the details.

If you want to hear from medical staff about the project and see more details, click to see this VIDEO.

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