Welcome, Marcos!

Welcome, Marcos!

Aladina’s hospital team is welcoming a new member. Marcos Soto is a dentist with expertise in laser treatments for oral mucositis resulting from cancer treatments.


Congratulations! We have a new fantastic professional joining us at the Aladina Foundation.

Marcos Soto, a dentist with a master’s degree in Laser Treatments and Pathology and over 30 years of experience, joins our team to offer our children a unique treatment to fight mucositis, a fairly common oral complication caused by cancer treatments.

The Aladina Foundation, now considered a pioneering foundation in Spain, offers children at the Hospital Universitario Niño Jesús and Hospital Gregorio Marañón a treatment using low level lasers. This helps reduce the symptoms and causes of oral mucositis. The low-level laser has no side effects and doesn’t cause any discomfort for patients, and when applied daily has very good results in controlling this uncomfortable problem. We’re so lucky to have Marcos on our team!

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