Yago, Hugo, and Valeria: a winning trio

Yago, Hugo, and Valeria: a winning trio

The help of our psychological support program was fundamental for brothers Yago and Hugo. They’re two of the 449 beneficiaries of the program in 2017


We want to introduce you to Yago and his brother Hugo, a pair of Aladinos that we adore!

Yago is fighting neurofibromatosis, a rare illness that causes tumors. In his case, a tumor developed on his optic nerve, which left him blind. Yago is an impressive Aladino who leaves us speechless with his sweetness, smile, and good attitude. His courage and smiles are the best reward to us here at Aladina!

Our psycho-oncologist Valeria crossed paths with this family years ago, but she wasn’t helping Yago – she was helping Hugo, who, as a sibling of a sick child, also needed love and attention. When they operated on Yago, Hugo suffered so much that he stopped talking for an entire week.

Valeria’s help was essential. “I’m Hugo, my brother is named Yago. First I met Valeria, but now Valeria a friend to both of us,” explained Hugo.

“Their parents were worried because Hugo felt out of place. He felt a lot of responsibility and disconnected with his parents because he saw them in a different light, which usually happens when a child is hospitalized,” added Valeria.

Psychological support was fundamental for both brothers. Today, Yago has gone back to school, and is inseparable from his brother, who also attends the same school. He’s trying to find his new normal with his new situation. He also keeps up with regular screenings to control his illness. The entire family is an example of overcoming tough times together.

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