Our heroes

Marta Escobar

16 years old

Marta is a mighty warrior who has battled against Osteosarcoma like an absolute champion. Find out her story!

Hi, my name is Marta, and I’m 16 years old. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a tumour in my right leg, called Osteosarcoma. Because of the tumour, I was in hospital for a whole year, and they had to amputate my right leg. I recovered, rebuilt my life, and was able to walk again thanks to my prosthesis.

Last December, they found another osteosarcoma in my left leg, but this time the orthopaedic surgeons were able to save my leg and fitted an internal prosthesis.

I am currently undergoing chemo. Recovery is going slowly but well, and I’m sure that really soon I’ll be able to have a normal life once more and do everything I love doing, like swimming, going out, dancing, going to concerts…

I would like to thank the nurses, doctors, and all the staff at the hospital, because they make everything seem quicker and more bearable; and also Fundación Aladina, for the work they do, and all the volunteers who always dedicate their time to being with us and making our stays in hospital feel shorter and more fun”.

Marta, you are an incredible role model! Sending you a huge hug from all the team here at Aladina and from our thousands of friends.

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Carla González

16 years old

Introducing Carla, a princess who is fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma. Her mother, Nuria, tells us her story.

“I am Nuria González, Carla’s mother. Last August, in the middle of the holidays, Carla gave us the fright of our lives. She suddenly felt an unbearable pain in her lumbar region, but even so I never thought it would be something so serious. I even thought it might be growing pains. It was such a shock when an MRI showed it was Ewing’s Sarcoma.

At that point, your life changes, and the fight begins. Luckily, we can now say that the months of treatment are behind us. We're going home! That battle has brought us so many experiences, but above all, we are so grateful, for the kindness shown by people and for the support received from Fundación Aladina. The kindness, empathy, and all the unconditional love you have given us are priceless.

Thank you Aladina, thank you life!

We feel strong because we have won a long battle and we will continue fighting to win the war”.

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Alejandra Aguilera

3 years old

Don’t miss hearing all about this little heroine and her mummy!

“Our life changed on 26 September 2018 when my daughter stopped playing with her brother, was unable to stand, and started shaking violently. Then I knew that the worst was to come. That same night, the world stopped, the clock broke, and my soul died.

We were admitted to the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada where an MRI showed that she had an embryonal brain tumour. One of those very rare brain tumours with only 100 cases in the whole world. This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening to you.

After an excellent operation, we were told that she couldn’t have treatment in Granada and that we were being referred to Madrid. Hospital Niño Jesús. That’s another blow straight to the chest. You have to go by yourself to Madrid with your daughter and leave your family in Granada. Especially your 4-year-old son, and you can’t explain to him why this is all happening So you pack your bags and you go. You’re even more afraid than you were before, you’re going alone, you’re going with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen.

But you're going with your daughter, who’s the most precious thing you have, and so you get strength from where there isn’t any, laughter from tears, and songs from your sorrow... All for her... You get to Madrid, and you find a family that helps you, embraces you, consoles you, and takes care of you. I meet strong mothers, courageous mothers who are fighting with their children, and they teach me to face this. I find Aladina, Carlos, Valeria, and countless volunteers. They take me in as if I were one of the family. And above all they make my daughter laugh, play, and have a wonderful time. And that, for me, that is so great.

Alejandra is a girl who has taught us what strength is, what courage is, what it is to fight and want to live. And we are going to live, my love, we are going to live together for many years. Because you are mighty, my little one. You are so mighty. Together we will reach the end of the road victorious. Together, we will win this battle. Don’t let go of my hand, my girl, because without you I am lost.

Thank you Aladina.

Thank you to the mothers of Santa Luisa's ward”.

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Teo Silvestre

4 years old

Super Teo, a great little fighter who has beaten leukaemia like an absolute champion. Want to meet him?

“We have a hero in the family, Teo. One week before he turned 2, he was diagnosed with high risk leukaemia. We spent that birthday in the ICU, but since then we have celebrated every battle won, no matter how small.

It was hard at the beginning, there were complications, and Teo barely smiled. But when he started to feel better, and after spending two and a half months in hospital, everything changed, and he wanted to smile and laugh once more.

A few days ago, we celebrated his first birthday, with a very special gift, because the day before, he finished his last round of chemo, and he's starting on the maintenance programme now. We are so excited and happy!

It’s been an intense year, overnight we swapped the nursery for a hospital, but he's an absolute champion and he's done really well with his chemo and spending so much time in hospital. And his smile has given us so much strength. He’s still not aware of everything he has achieved, but we will always be there to remind him.

We also have a little heroine at home, Sara, the best big sister Teo could have, and another reason for us to fight and smile.

Along the way we have met so many wonderful people: assistants, cleaning staff, janitors, volunteers, nurses, the psychologist, doctors... To all of them our heartfelt thanks, because being in the hospital and being made to feel like you’re at home has made everything so much easier”.

Maria, Teo’s mummy

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Hegoa Rodríguez

7 years old

Meet the girl with the unforgettable smile!

“Hello! My name’s Hegoa. I’m 6 years old, my favourite colour is pink, and I'm a very brave girl.

When I was 5, I got very ill really quickly. My leg was hurting a bit and we went to the hospital. Suddenly, I was surrounded by doctors who talked kind of funny, and they took me from one place to another to do tests on me. Some of them didn’t hurt but others did, especially the injections. I didn’t understand what was going on and I was really scared.

My parents and Leire (psycho-oncologist for Aladina at the Hospital de Cruces) gradually explained what was happening, and they’ve been with me the whole time, helping me to be strong and not to be afraid.

I spent a year at the Hospital de Cruces. Sometimes I could sleep at home, but I often had to sleep in the hospital. They gave me medicine there called chemotherapy, and they also operated on my leg. It was really tough at times but I always made it through. They all say I’m a champion! I also get help from two friends who always come with me to the hospital: their names are bear and bunny. Bear is pink, and bunny has one ear longer than the other from tugging at it. They sleep a lot and love to eat.

In my hospital they love children a lot and they help to cheer us up. Sometimes clowns and musicians come in, but what I like most about the hospital are the drawings.

When I get better I'm going to the beach to play in the sand, and splash about in the water so I can soak my sister. I really miss going to the park with my friends and to school. Even though it's been really tough, I’m going to keep fighting just as before and carry on setting an example to many other children through my determination. My parents say that they are very proud of me and my sister. My parents are really strong!

My parents are really strong!

Sometimes I dream we are a family of superheroes, maybe that’s true...!”

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