Aladina Scholarships

Fundación Aladina participates in various projects that all aim to improve the lives of our little fighters. For this reason we decided to create an annual scholarship three years ago for young physicians at the Hospital Niño Jesús interested in expanding and enhancing their education in the field of Pediatric Oncohematology. At the beginning, only residents from this hospital were eligible for the scholarship so they could have the opportunity to improve their training while they worked there.Last year at the Hospital Niño Jesús of Madrid, a project grant was awarded and designed to improve the care for hospitalized children and adolescents.


In 2013, we also supported an ambitious research project in collaboration with the Fundación “Cris Contra el Cancer”, which was led by Dr. Antonio Pérez Martínez, a researcher at the Hospital Niño Jesús. It dealt with the use of Natural Killer (NK) lymphocyte cells as a tool to fight childhood cancer.

In 2015 we expanded the scholarship Aladina al Hospital Vall d’Hebron de Barcelona and awarded the second grant to Dr. Raquel Hladun.

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