Aladina ICU

The new Aladina ICU is already working at full capacity!

The new Aladina ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús has been fully up and running since December 14, 2016. With a cost of €1.5 million, this has been our largest project to date!

The new ICU has the latest technology and comfortable installations for the families, along with lots of natural light with big windows overlooking Retiro park.

Why was it so important to renovate this ICU?


  • Every year it helps more than 800 children from all around Spain.
  • It’s the main ICU for Madrid’s community of 18 public hospitals.
  • The children’s average stay is around 4 days. But for children with cancer, they may have to spend up to a month here.
  • It’s the ICU that treats the most children with cancer in all of Spain.
  • It didn’t have any natural light. The kids couldn’t tell the difference between night and day and lost all sense of time.
  •  It’s the ICU that treats the most serious cases.

The ICU at Niño Jesús is the one that treats our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, friends, and more. It’s the ICU for all of the children in Madrid and for many more seriously ill children from all around Spain.

The new ICU has:

  • 14 beds equipped for intensive care
  • 14 robotic arms
  • 7 single stands and 1 double stand for multiple trauma
  • 6 isolation rooms
  • Lighting controls for both natural and artificial lights
  • A healthcare unit for nurses
  • Systems for energy efficiency and acoustic comfort
  • A break room for nurses
  • A storage room for equipment and rooms for cleaning and linen services
  • A room for the resident with its own bathroom.

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We want to thank the thousands of individuals who donated, the hundreds of schools, and the many companies who joined in to make this project possible by sending us a big hug, and to the agency Sra. Rushmore for designing the campaign “A hug for the children’s ICU at the Hospital Niño Jesús.”

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