Grief counseling

No parent is ever prepared for the unimaginable loss of a child. When months of arduous treatments culminate in the heartbreaking reality of a child's passing due to cancer, families find themselves emotionally drained and grappling with an overwhelming grief.

In the depths of their despair, no family should have to bear the burden alone. Our meticulously crafted emotional and psychological support programs are tailored to guide them through their darkest hours.

Aladina stands as a trailblazer in Spain, offering pioneering grief counseling specifically for parents who have lost children to cancer. Under the guidance of psycho-oncologist Valeria Moriconi, our bereavement support groups are built on the fundamental principle of shared experiences. Here, participants freely share their states of mind, emotions, fears, cherished memories, tears, and even moments of fleeting smiles.

Within these groups, families at various stages of their bereavement journey come together to form a network of mutual support. Through active listening and heartfelt sharing, these individuals provide solace to one another. We take immense pride in the courage exhibited by the parents who have graciously opened their hearts to us, allowing us to share their journey of healing.




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