Tax Allowance

Donations to foundations will be doubly tax deductible in 2015!

The foundations and the members who support us are in luck. From 2015 donations will be twice as tax deductible as in previous years. The Government has just brought out a reform of the Tax Incentives on Sponsorship that raises tax relief to 50% on the first €150 a year donated, as opposed to the 25% generally applied up to now.

Donating will be much easier thanks to the new incentives.The same contribution will multiply its impact on children sick with cancer and the families Aladina helps every year.

Members can also increase their contribution without it costing them a single euros more!

Multiply your help!


Deduction on the personal income tax declaration

The first 150 euros of donations this year will be 50% deducted, and in 2016 this will rise to 75%. Above this amount the tax deduction will be 30%.


Deduction on legal entity income tax

In the case of legal entities, the reform establishes a 35% general deduction for 2015, rising to 37.5% in the case of organisations already having collaborated with Aladina for three years. This percentage will increase to 40% in 2016.


Aladina wants to share this good news with you, which comes as a reward for the work that our foundation and many others in Spain do for society.

Thanks to members and donors, Aladina helps our little champions to get through the disease as well as possible and with all the support they deserve.

From 2015, you can invest the same and multiply the impact of your help.

If you are not yet a member, HELP US to continue giving smiles.

If you want to increase your membership, write to us or call us on

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