Over its 10 years of work, Fundación Aladina has been recognized with numerous awards.



  • Grand prize from the Asociación Española de Fundraising: best fundraising campaign of the year, “A Hug for the children´s ICU at Hospital Niño Jesús”
  • Ayutamiento de Serrada (Valladolid): Human Rights Group award
  • Mapfre Foundation Awards: Award for the best ¨Social Action Initiative”
  • Internet Day Awards: Award for the best social action initiative
  • Hospital Severo Ochoa: The “Career Award” for Paco Arango
  • Fundación Rodolfo Benito Samaniego: Individual career award for Paco Arango
  • Asociación Española de Editoriales de Publicaciones Periódicas (AEEPP):Award for Solidarity


  • Fundación PwC: III Prize for the Program “¡Apadrina!  Tú propones, todos elegimos”
  • Willis Towers Watson: Solidarios del Seguro Awards
  • ABC: ABC Health Award for “Best Foundation”
  • Fundación Pelayo: Selected foundation in its “Grant for Social Aid”
  • Sabadell Urquijo Prize: SICAV Cooperation and Sabadell Investment Ethical and Charity FI
  • Corazón Tve and Jaguar: III Corazón Solidario Award
  • Banco Santander: VIII grant for Social Projects


  • The Boston Consulting Group: “BCG Colabora”
  • Mía magazine: VI Cuida de Ti Awards
  • Santa Lucía Insurance: “Tu eliges”
  • Fundación Konecta: Grant for aid
  • Teva Awards: “Humanizing Healthcare”
  • Fundación Inocente, Inocente: Grant for aid
  • Madrid Metro: Campaign “En línea con quien más lo necesita”
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers:Winner of the contest “Apadrina”
  • Red Solidaria Bankia: “Program for comprehensive assistance for children and teens with cancer and their families: material, psychological, and emotional”
  • Recognition for Volutneer Organizations in SERMAS (Madrid heath care system)
  • Telva: Award for Valores


  • Madrid Community: Award on International Volunteer Day
  • Madrid Metro: Campaign “En línea con quien más lo necesita”
  • Fundación Seres: 24 Hour Ford Award. Winner of the I 24 Hour Ford Virtual Race
  • National Marketing Awards: Institution Category
  • Starlite Gala: Philanthrophic Award for Paco Arango, the president of the Fundación Aladina
  • AISGE: Award for“Haz tu actuación”
  • Grupo Inditex: Project “Likes Microdonaciones Solidarias”


  • Fundación Inocente, Inocente: Grant for aid
  • Fundación Seres: 24 Hour Ford Award
  • Fundación Pelayo: Grant for aid
  • ADECOSE Award
  • Fundación Puentes del Mundo: Social Ambassador of the Year for Paco Arango
  • AGEA: Award for Paco Arango
  • Solidarios del Seguro Awards


  • Madrid Community: Commended in the Orden del 2 de Mayo
  • Obra Social La Caixa: Grant for aid
  • BBVA: Second edition of Territorios Solidarios
  • Sociedad Española de Psicooncología: Special recognition in the National Congress for Psychooncology
  • Solidarios del Seguro Awards
  • Hospital Gregorio Marañón: Recognized as Volunteers of Honor in the Maternal-Child Care unit
  • San Martín Humanitarian Awards: Colmena de Oro a la Solidaridad
  • Gala Tweets Awards: Prize for Tweet Comprometido


  • Fundación Seres:24 Hour Ford Award


  • Madrid Community: Award for Childhood in the Social Entity category
  • Fundación Farmaindustria: Award in the category for NGOs and Organized Collectives
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