Fundación Aladina
en Jordania

Fundación Aladina supports refugee children in Jordan

Fundación Aladina has made a generous donation of €154,000 for the second year in a row to the King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan. The funds have been specifically allocated to support the treatment of refugee children with cancer. This initiative aims to provide medical care and cover the treatment expenses for children from war-affected areas such as Syria, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories. By partnering with the King Hussein Cancer Center, Fundación Aladina is extending its commitment to supporting children with cancer beyond its home country of Spain. The donation will help ensure that refugee children affected by cancer receive the necessary medical treatment, care, and support they require during their challenging journey. Through this significant contribution, Fundación Aladina continues to demonstrate its dedication to improving the lives of children battling cancer, regardless of their geographical location or background. The funds will make a meaningful impact by providing access to quality healthcare for refugee children in Jordan and assisting them on their path to recovery.