Fundación Aladina
in Uganda

Thanks to Aladina's generous donation of 100,000 euros, the Bless a Child Foundation has successfully constructed the first-ever pediatric palliative care home for children with cancer in Uganda, known as the 'Aladina Home.'

The 'Aladina Home' serves as a safe haven for children with cancer who require palliative care, offering accommodations and psychosocial support for both the children and their families during the terminal phase of the disease.

For the past 13 years, the Bless a Child Foundation has been dedicated to attending to and supporting over 4,000 children suffering from cancer in Uganda. Unfortunately, cancer diagnoses often come late, resulting in more than 50% of children needing palliative care by the time they are diagnosed.

At the 'Aladina Home,' individualized care and psychosocial support will be provided for the children and their families. The facility includes comfortable rooms for the child and a companion, access to pain medication, nutritious meals, ambulance services, and round-the-clock availability of a palliative care nurse. Additionally, there will be a doctor on call at all times to handle emergencies.