Hospital 12 de Octubre

  • Emotional support, play therapy, and volunteering


We have also successfully undertaken various decorative projects: 

  • Transforming the pediatric oncology Outpatient center with Decor
  • Adding Color to the Corridors in the Pediatric Onco Hematology Unit and Revamping the Nurses' Break Room
  • Providing Furniture for Patients' Rooms
  • Revamping and Adorning the Nursing/Breastfeeding Room

Aladina MGU - Nourishing Hope: Breast Milk Bank

While slightly unconventional, this project holds a special place in our hearts. Introducing the Aladina MGU Breast Milk Bank, where the extraordinary becomes reality.

Here's the magic: this center doesn't just provide nourishment; it offers the finest sustenance in the world – human breast milk. Dedicated to premature and ill babies in the Madrid region, it stands as a pillar of support for neonatal units throughout the city.

Back in 2014, an anonymous donor (with the initials MGU) bestowed upon us a remarkable gift. With this generosity, we breathed new life into the former milk bank, transforming it into a trailblazing center. The vision? To cater to the needs of every neonatal unit across the region, ensuring that every tiny life gets the best possible start.

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