Hospital 12 de Octubre

  • Emotional support, play therapy, and volunteering

We have also taken on various projects:

  • Decoration of the “Day Hospital”
  • Decoration of the corridors in the pediatric Onco Hematology Unit and refurbishment of the nurses’ break room
  • Donation of furniture for patients’ rooms.
  • Refurbishment and decoration of the nursing/breastfeeding room

Aladina MGU - Breast Milk Bank

Although this goes beyond the bounds of our usual work, we are extremely proud of this project. The center provides the best food in the world, human breast milk, for premature and ill babies in the Madrid area, serving as support to all the other neonatal units in Madrid.

Thanks to a donation from an anonymous donor, with the initials MGU, we were able to refurbish and extend the former milk bank in 2014, turning it into a pioneering center. The goal is to meet the needs of all hospitals in the region with a Neonatology unit.

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