Hospital Gregorio Marañón


  • Emotional support, play therapy, and volunteering
  • Psychological care for children and teens with cancer 
  • PPet Therapy with dogs in collaboration with “Asociación Perros Azules” 
  • Funding for a study into mucositis in cancer patients 
  • Golf classes for patients taught by professionals 

Renewals and improvements carried out in this hospital

We've been hard at work enhancing the hospital environment for children and teens battling cancer. Here's a glimpse of our projects:

  • Golfing Fun:Collaborating with Fundación Seve Ballesteros, we've created an enjoyable golf course divided into five areas. It's a fantastic way for kids to learn golf while having a great time.
  • Teen Zone: Thanks to Formica Group, Disney, and artist Okuda, we've revamped the teen unit. From the teen room to the parents' rest area and the gym, new furniture, computers, video consoles, games, and comfy sofas for companions have been added.
  • Game Room Upgrade: A fresh games room is now available for even more entertainment.
  • Day Hospital Renewal: The Pediatric Hematology's Day Hospital has undergone a complete makeover to provide a comforting space for young patients.
  • Terrace Retreat: We've spruced up the terrace areas in the Onco-Hematology Unit with new furniture and decor.
  • Nurturing Spaces:Two nursing or breastfeeding rooms have been renovated and decorated for peaceful comfort.