Hospital de Getafe (Madrid)

Since November 2015, patients at the Hospital Universitario de Getafe have enjoyed a new garden and play area in the pediatric wing, built by Fundación Aladina in collaboration with Joyería Suárez.

This new play area is installed on the center’s patio, and covers a space of more than 200 square meters. It includes a covered, climate-controlled pavilion that’s 55 square meters, plus an outdoor garden that’s 162 square meters. The garden has benches, plants, and space for walks and outdoor games. It also has a pavilion, with multiple rooms in hexagonal shapes created out of solid pinewood. The space features cheerful furniture and bright flooring to separate different play areas by color. There is space for children and their families to play, rest, and enjoy all sorts of entertainment.

This project was possible thanks to the help of Joyería Suárez, who donated the proceeds from their ONE bracelets, a unisex pearl bracelet. We also worked with architect Elisa Valera, who designed the Maktub Center and the Aladina ICU.

You can see the complete photo gallery of the garden HERE.

Previously, we updated the waiting room at the Pediatric Oncohematology Unit of this hospital to separate the children’s waiting room from the adults’ waiting room.

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