Hospital Niño Jesús (Madrid)

Since its creation in 2005, Aladina has devoted the majority of its efforts to the Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid, carrying out many projects to benefit children and teenagers suffering from cancer. Each year, Aladina helps more than 900 cancer-stricken families.

We’ve done a few different projects at this hospital, but the most significant project we’ve carried out to date is the new children’s ICU, which we debuted on December 14, 2016 with an investment of €1,500,000. The new Aladina ICU has natural light, the latest technology, and increased comfort for the families that find themselves in this critical situation.

Additionally, we have completed:

  • The Maktub Center, with an investment of over €500,000, a pioneering center in the field of bone marrow transplants in Spain
  • The creation of a Teen Room in the Pediatric Oncohematology Unit
  • The enclosure of a 70 square meter terrace on the wing of the Pediatric Oncohematology Unit
  • Free wi-fi installation in the Oncohematology Unit and in the ICU
  • The refurbishment of the nurses’ resting areas in the Pediatric Oncohematology Unit and in the ICU
  • The purchase of new furniture for the ICU and Pedtriatric Oncology waiting room
  • The renovation of audiovisual equipment for the theater
  • Several improvements in the Day Hospital
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