Today is a good day to give back.

Your money will be allocated entirely to our little fighters in their tough battle against cancer. Help us keep a smile on their faces!

Thank you!

Keep in mind that starting from this year, donations are cutting taxes by 50%. For the first donation of 150 euros, you will receive 75 euros back in tax returns.

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También puedes realizar un ingreso o transferencia bancaria a alguna de las siguientes cuentas para apoyar nuestros programas a beneficio de los niños:

BANCO SANTANDER: ES50 0049 1838 1122 1037 4758 (BIC BSCHESMM)
LA CAIXA: ES19 2100 4446 4702 0008 8004 (BIC CAIXESBBXXX)
BANCO POPULAR ESPAÑOL: ES75 0075 0591 1106 0037 1234 (BIC POPUESMM)
BANKINTER: ES95 0128 0024 4105 0000 2863 (BIC BKBKESMM)

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Donations made to Fundación Aladina are tax deductible. The first 150€ of donations will be 75% deducted, above this amount the tax deduction will be 30%.
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