Psychological support
for children with cancer


When a child receives a cancer diagnosis, it shatters not only their world but also that of their entire family. Childhood cancer is not just a physical ailment; its psychological impact is profound.

Our dedicated team of psychologists plays a pivotal role in helping families navigate the complexities of trauma and building resilience during what can be a prolonged, and sometimes lifelong, battle against cancer.

At Aladina, we prioritize addressing the emotional needs of both children and their families. With a team of 8 experienced psycho-oncologists, we extend our support to patients and families across multiple hospitals, including Hospital Niño Jesús, Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Hospital de Cruces (Vizcaya), and Hospital Universitario de Santiago de Compostela, Hospital Vall d’Hebrón (Barcelona) and Hospital Reina Sofía (Córdoba) on a daily basis.

Additionally, we've established an outpatient facility where we extend our care to siblings and other family members, recognizing that cancer's impact reverberates throughout the family unit.



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