Fundación Aladina
in Armenia

In Armenia, the health system can only cover a small part of cancer treatments. Around 70% of the total cost is out of pocket, it falls to the patient’s family, dramatic in a country where more than 30% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Current circumstances are so dire, treatments for Armenian children and teens with cancer were at risk. That is why Aladina has donated $160,000 to the Armenian organization “City of Smile”, which provides treatments to all children with cancer in Armenia.

Our donation will be used exclusively to cover two months’ treatment expenses for 90 to 100 children and teenagers with cancer whose families lack the resources to cover the cost of treatment. This is the number of new pediatric cancer diagnoses in Armenia in a year.

This partnership is part of our “International Aladina” program, through which we support foreign organizations that help children with cancer or other serious illnesses worldwide.