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The new location of Aladina’s Gym is situated on a large rooftop on the 2nd floor of the hospital measuring over 400 m2 . This new gym is an ideal environment for children and teenagers to carry out their customized exercise and sport sessions and rehabilitation while visually stimulated by nature and bathed with natural light, in an open-plan and transformable space that is full of energy and color.


The new gym will be equipped with:

– An open-plan rooftop area that will create a sheltered safe space

– A gym area for rehabilitation and physical exercise programs

– Individual treatment rooms

– Two bathrooms

– Storage space

– One office

– 200 m2 outdoor area additionally


Employing professionals trained in physical education and physical therapy, funded by Aladina. The Aladina Gym will provide the Hospital Materno Infantil Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia with essential aspects of treatment and recovery for children and adolescents with cancer through customized physical activity.


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