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Teo Silvestre

  • Age: 3
  • Diagnostic: Leukemia

Our hero of the month is Teo, a fun and caring boy with a contagious smile. Our little fighter has had to face Leukemia at only two years old, and his parents are going to share his experience.

“We have a hero in our house, Teo. A week before turning two years old, he was diagnosed with high risk Leukemia. We spent that birthday in the ICU, but since then, we have made sure to celebrate each battle we have won, whether that has been big or small. The beginning was very difficult, there were complications, and Teo hardly smiled. But when he began to feel better, after two months and being intermittently hospitalized, everything changed and we all went back to feeling like playing and laughing.

Two days ago, we celebrated his third birthday with a very special present, because the day before that, his last cycle of chemo ended, and he had started with check-ups. We are so excited and happy!

It has been an intense year, with day after day spent in the hospital, but he is a champion who has done so well with the chemo and constant hospitalizations. And his smile has given us so much strength. Although he isn’t aware of everything that has happened, we have been here for it all and will remember it forever.

We also have another hero in our house, Sara, the best older sister that Teo could ask for, and she is another reason keeping us smiling and fighting.

On this path we have met many amazing people: assistants, cleaning staff, security guards, volunteers, nurses, psychologists, doctors…to all of you, thank you so much, because going to the hospital and almost feeling at home has made this experience much easier for us.”

Teo, you are a true superhero! We are sending a big hug to you, your parents, and your sister, Sara. You all show such bravery!

If you would like to help more children who, like Teo, are fighting against cancer, click HERE.

Teo Silvestre
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